Why Your Climate Mitigation Strategy Should Include Voluntary Carbon Credits

The climate crisis is universal. Rapid global warming is already affecting individuals, communities and natural habitats around the world. Worse, and tragically, the greatest future impact will be borne by those living in more vulnerable...

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CIX Perspectives

Why Quality Matters for Voluntary Carbon Credits

Voluntary use of carbon credits, as part of an overarching climate change mitigation strategy that includes direct cuts in carbon emissions, is a viable way for a corporation to compensate for its emissions. This is especially so when other...

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Partner Perspectives

Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
The Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting

Current best practice helps to reduce some of the well-known risks associated with existing offsets, but is unlikely to deliver the types of offsetting needed to reach net zero emissions. The paper outlines the principles on how non-state actors can design and deliver rigorous voluntary net zero commitments and develop high quality carbon markets.

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Singapore Exchange
Credible decarbonisation and transition for corporates in Asia

Corporates play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. This white paper guides corporates in achieving credible decarbonisation and transition, by highlighting the steps that they can take to follow an internationally accepted carbon mitigation hierarchy. For more, visit

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World Economic Forum
Net-zero to Net-Negative: A guide for leaders on carbon removal

Planning for active removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere coupled with storage (CDR), is an integral part of any comprehensive net-zero strategy. This white paper is a guide for decision-makers to some of the key challenges and opportunities they must consider when engaging with carbon removals. For more visit:

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World Economic Forum
Winning the Race to Net Zero: The CEO Guide to Climate Advantage

An accelerating net-zero transition will challenge heritage business models, but also create opportunities for early movers. On the path to net zero, CEOs must successfully transform their strategy, operations, business portfolio and organization. There is no blueprint for what lies ahead, but this report offers invaluable guidance for climate leaders on what to look out for and which moves to consider. For more visit:

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World Economic Forum
Nature and Net Zero

The paper sets out an action agenda to accelerate the scale-up of high-quality NCS and unlock markets through the combined efforts of business leaders, policy-makers and civil society. For more visit:

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World Economic Forum
Natural Climate Solutions for Corporates

Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) can support up to around 1/3rd of the required mitigation for a Below-2°C pathway by 2030, at costs of approximately $10-100 per tCO2. This paper outlines the guiding principles for investing in NCS. For more visit:

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