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Climate Impact X helps you take practical action in your decarbonisation journey. Our platforms enable you to positively mitigate the impact of climate change with verified carbon credits that make genuine impact.
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CIX Project Marketplace

The Marketplace hosts a list of curated projects, ideal for corporate buyers and institutional investors looking to discover, browse and compare quality carbon credits. The platform features an easy-to-navigate interface for straightforward and secure transactions from international projects.

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CIX Auctions

The Auction platform hosts unique projects or bespoke portfolios of curated projects. Through an interactive and transparent bidding process, the Auction platform allows for competitive price discovery. It is ideal for suppliers with rare, large-scale or new-to-market carbon credits and suited to corporations, institutional investors and financial institutions looking to learn about, and procure such projects.

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CIX Exchange

The Exchange hosts real-time bids, offers and transactions of standardised carbon contracts. The platform is custom designed for high speed, security and price discovery. This makes it ideal for professional traders, brokers and financial institutions seeking trade of liquid standardised contracts without counter-party risks.

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CIX Approach to Quality

Carbon markets provide a crucial opportunity to channel funding to the most needed climate solutions. It is one of the primary avenues available today that can mobilise private sector finance at the speed and scale necessary to help mitigate...

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Why quality matters for carbon credits

Voluntary use of carbon credits, as part of an overarching climate change mitigation strategy that includes direct cuts in carbon emissions, is a viable way for a corporation to compensate for its emissions. This is especially so when other...

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Scaling the next wave of carbon credits with transparency and trust

Carbon markets provide a crucial tool for channelling finance to climate mitigation projects that would not otherwise get off the ground. Volumes in 2021 increased to a record five hundred million tonnes with nearly two billion dollars traded.

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Why your climate mitigation strategy should include carbon credits

The climate crisis is universal. Rapid global warming is already affecting individuals, communities and natural habitats around the world. Worse, and tragically, the greatest future impact will be borne by those living in more vulnerable...

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May 2023

Climate Impact X announces new carbon market price assessments

Climate Impact X to launch pricing intelligence in parallel with upcoming CIX Exchange, catering to growing demands from global carbon market participants for more transparent and market-representative benchmarks

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March 2023

Climate Impact X to mark step change in carbon contract performance and price transparency with CIX Nature X

Nature X will be first standardised contract to launch on CIX’s upcoming spot exchange; and is innovatively designed to address key carbon market concerns over project delivery risk, market-representative pricing and fragmented liquidity.

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December 2022

Landmark pilot signals a connected transparent and secure future for carbon markets

Climate Impact X and Carbonplace have successfully completed a series of proof-of-concept transactions that will pave the way for carbon credits to be transacted at the scale necessary to support liquidity and demand

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November 2022

Climate Impact X and Respira’s landmark auction for blue carbon credits oversubscribed with global demand

The auction successfully sold 250,000 tonnes of vintage 2021 credits from the Delta Blue Carbon Project in Pakistan at USD $27.80 per tonne, with 30 per cent of bid volume priced at $35.00 per tonne and above

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November 2022

Experts: Scaling of financial incentives urgently needed to preserve last intact forests

Climate Impact X, Conservation International, Emergent, Natural Climate Solutions Alliance and Wildlife Conservation Society launch guidance on the use of carbon credits from High Forest, Low Deforestation (HFLD) jurisdictions

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June 2022

Climate Impact X selects Nasdaq Technology to power new global carbon exchange

Climate Impact X and Nasdaq announced a strategic technology partnership that will bring exchange-grade trading functionalities to the voluntary carbon market for the first time, helping to unlock price transparency and liquidity

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June 2022

Climate Impact X and Respira collaborate on major auction for quality nature-based carbon credits

Powered by Climate Impact X's auction platform and supplied through Respira's portfolio, the auction will offer unique access to 600,000 tonnes of carbon credits from three key projects in Kenya, Pakistan and Sierra Leone

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June 2022

Climate Impact X and partner to bring new net zero aligned carbon credit portfolio to market

Climate Impact X and are joining forces to enable a first of its kind blend of nature- and technology-based carbon removal credits in a single solution, addressing growing demand in the voluntary carbon market.

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April 2022

CHIMEI is officially onboarded with Climate Impact X (CIX), a global exchange and marketplace for quality carbon credits

Yahoo News 全球最大ABS樹脂商奇美實業加入星展全球碳權交易平台CIX (English translation available here) CHIMEI is officially onboarded with Climate Impact X, a global exchange and marketplace for quality carbon credits, jointly established by the DBS, Singapore Exchange.

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March 2022

Carbonplace and Climate Impact X collaborate to revolutionise carbon credit trading

Carbonplace and Climate Impact X have teamed up on a pilot to lower entry barriers for organisations seeking high-quality carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market.

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March 2022

Climate Impact X launches global carbon marketplace to accelerate climate action through quality carbon credits

Project Marketplace, a Singapore-based digital platform designed for the seamless navigation of the voluntary carbon market goes live.

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May 2021

DBS, Temasek, SGX and Standard Chartered announced plans to take climate action via joint venture, Climate Impact X

DBS Bank (DBS), Singapore Exchange (SGX), Standard Chartered and Temasek announced their intention to join forces to take climate action through a joint venture to be established, Climate Impact X.

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November 2021

CIX completes first-of-its-kind portfolio auction of voluntary nature-based carbon credits with leading global companies (Auction)

Climate Impact X completes pilot auction of a curated portfolio to help scale global voluntary carbon market where 19 global buyers across various industries supported the pilot auction event.

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