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Carbon markets provide a crucial opportunity to channel funding to the most needed climate solutions. It is one of the primary avenues available today that can mobilise private sector finance at the speed and scale necessary to help mitigate...

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Scaling the next wave of carbon credits with transparency and trust

Carbon markets provide a crucial tool for channelling finance to climate mitigation projects that would not otherwise get off the ground. Volumes in 2021 increased to a record five hundred million tonnes with nearly two billion dollars traded.

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Why quality matters for carbon credits

Voluntary use of carbon credits, as part of an overarching climate change mitigation strategy that includes direct cuts in carbon emissions, is a viable way for a corporation to compensate for its emissions. This is especially so when other...

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Why your climate mitigation strategy should include carbon credits

The climate crisis is universal. Rapid global warming is already affecting individuals, communities and natural habitats around the world. Worse, and tragically, the greatest future impact will be borne by those living in more vulnerable...

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Partner Perspectives

Institute of International Finance and Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets
Statement on High Ambition Path to Net-Zero

To keep the total stock of CO2e in the atmosphere below a critical threshold, companies should aim higher than "net-zero" as an endpoint. In addition to decarbonization, companies should consider neutralizing and compensating their emissions "on the path to net-zero". For more visit:

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Institute of International Finance and Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets
Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) Phase I Report Summary

Voluntary offsetting can play an important complementary role to accelerate climate action. In order to achieve the practical potential of the voluntary carbon market, we will need to address current market pain-points. The paper outlines the topics for actions and their recommended actions. For more visit:

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Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative
Aligning Voluntary Carbon Markets with the 1.5˚C Paris Agreement Ambition

The paper offers VCMI’s vision for the future of VCMs, with ten principles for high integrity and high ambition voluntary action. It takes a in-depth look at issues around high-integrity supply and demand; claims categorisation and strengthening oversight of VCM integrity. For more visit:

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