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For buyers, access unique and desirable projects, newly issued credits and bespoke portfolios of projects from around the world. For suppliers, leverage an efficient channel to access a deep pool of global buyers and discover the competitive value of projects.

Access Unique and Desirable Projects

CIX Auctions is a specialised digital venue that enables businesses, and financial institutions to access curated credits from unique projects, projects with desirable attributes, new issuances, as well as new credit types.

Our platform offers a straightforward bidding experience for buyers to express their demand across a range of desired supply volume and price points. Winning buyers pay no more than what they have bid for, with all successful auction participants paying the same clearing price.

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Partner with CIX for Auction Impact

CIX Auctions enables the creation of a market for unique projects, newly issued credits, and new types of credit. Our auctions are ideal for suppliers with rare, large-scale or new-to-market credits.

CIX’s auction experts work closely with suppliers to understand your objectives and advise on the most appropriate auction design to meet your needs. Our expertise is backed by comprehensive market observations and analysis. From the volume of credits to be put on auction, to the right auction starting price to effectively catalyse demand, we work with project developers and suppliers to execute impactful auctions.

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Features and benefits

Unique Access

CIX partners with leading suppliers to make their credits available through exclusive auctions, giving buyers the opportunity to participate in the inaugural purchases of credits from unique and desirable projects, new issuances, or even new credit types.

Customisable Actions

CIX draws on deep expertise to continue to innovate auctions for carbon markets. We work closely with suppliers to optimise auction design and create high-impact marketing materials based on the unique attributes of your project.

Value Discovery

For unique and newer credit types that lack established pricing benchmarks, our auctions can be designed to facilitate a staged bidding process that allows developers and suppliers to discover the competitive market value of your projects.

Market Price

For buyers, this is an opportunity to secure your desired volume of credits at market price and within your allocated budget; successful buyers pay no more than their winning bid price with all successful auction participants paying the same auction clearing price.

CIX Perspectives

CIX Approach to Quality

Carbon markets provide a crucial opportunity to channel funding to the most needed climate solutions. It is one of the primary avenues available today that can mobilise private sector finance at the speed and scale necessary to help mitigate...

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Why quality matters for carbon credits

Voluntary use of carbon credits, as part of an overarching climate change mitigation strategy that includes direct cuts in carbon emissions, is a viable way for a corporation to compensate for its emissions. This is especially so when other...

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Scaling the next wave of carbon credits with transparency and trust

Carbon markets provide a crucial tool for channelling finance to climate mitigation projects that would not otherwise get off the ground. Volumes in 2021 increased to a record five hundred million tonnes with nearly two billion dollars traded.

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Why your climate mitigation strategy should include carbon credits

The climate crisis is universal. Rapid global warming is already affecting individuals, communities and natural habitats around the world. Worse, and tragically, the greatest future impact will be borne by those living in more vulnerable...

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CIX Unique Auctions

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October 22, 2021

Nature-based Solutions Portfolio

170,000 tonnes of credits from eight recognised nature-based projects have been curated to form a diversified portfolio. The projects span reforestation and avoided deforestation initiatives across Africa, Asia and Latin America. In addition to carbon sequestration, they also bring additional benefits such as biodiversity protection, along with social and economic development in local communities. This includes supporting more than 55,000 jobs, improving education for over 35,000 students, helping to fund 60 medical facilities and infrastructure projects; as well as efforts to protect over 250 threatened species. 

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November 3, 2022

Delta Blue Carbon Project

Up to 250,000 tonnes of carbon-removal credits generated by the Delta Blue Carbon Project, the world’s largest mangrove restoration project, are available for auction. It is protecting and restoring 350,000 hectares of tidal river channels and creeks, low-lying sandy islands, mangrove forests and inter-tidal areas along the southeast coast of Sindh in Pakistan. Over its lifetime, the project is expected to sequester around 142 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. It will also drive broader biodiversity and socio-economic impacts, which includes benefiting more than 42,000 people in local communities. space

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Respira International reaches global buyers and achieves premium with CIX Auctions

In November 2022, CIX and Respira completed an auction for quality nature-based blue carbon credits. The auction successfully cleared all 250,000 tonnes of vintage 2021 credits from the Delta Blue Carbon Project in Pakistan, the world’s largest mangrove restoration project, at USD $27.80 per tonne.

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Hear from our Partners

We are excited to be part of this innovative method for enabling more carbon finance to be channelled into these high-quality projects. Climate Impact X’s focus on telling the suppliers’ story and showcasing the good work of project developers makes them an ideal partner to catalyse finance for these solutions.

Ana Haurie
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Respira International

As part of BCG’s bold ambition to achieve net-zero climate impact by 2030, we are proud to have participated in the inaugural CIX auction. In addition to reducing our emissions in line with our science-based targets, we are also committed to purchasing high quality carbon credits to address the emissions we’re not yet able to eliminate. We welcome the establishment of CIX as another key step towards a more robust and transparent carbon market.

Jeffrey Chua
BCG Singapore

Empowered by our net zero commitment by 2045, which is the challenge of our generation and businesses, government, individuals around planet Earth, we are pleased to support CIX’s new initiative to make Singapore a hub for carbon markets in Asia Pacific. This new instrument is key to provide more price transparency and liquidity, fostering change while putting a global price on carbon.

Varun Gujral
Co-Chief Executive Officer
ENGIE Global Energy Management Solutions Asia Pacific

In a hard-to-abate sector like shipping… Carbon credits play a critical role alongside our aggressive efforts to decarbonise our own operations. Berge Bulk is honoured to participate in the inaugural auction of Climate Impact X, where we secured a well-curated, diverse portfolio of carbon credits from reputable nature-based projects with verified co-benefits.

James Marshall
Group Chief Executive Officer
Berge Bulk

With a long-standing commitment to a low carbon economy, green buildings and decarbonisation have been CDL’s top business priorities. We have voluntarily neutralised the annual carbon emissions for our corporate office operations since 2009. CDL is proud to be amongst the pioneering adopters of the inaugural CIX auction. Its unique selection of high-quality Nature Climate Solutions projects will help us further expand our carbon reduction efforts in the race to zero.

Esther An
Chief Sustainability Officer

We are delighted to support this important auction of carbon credits led by CIX, which represented our first purchase of this vital tool in addressing global climate change as we grow our portfolio of ESG assets. We are confident that by investing in high quality carbon markets, being a responsible stakeholder, and backing climate action, we are showing leadership as an asset manager that will serve as an example for others.

Kelvin Fu
Managing Partner
Gunung Capital

Sustainability has always been a core priority for our business and we have pledged to be carbon-neutral in our data centre operations by 2030. The CIX auction represents an exciting opportunity for us to make a difference as part of our overall global ESG strategy and we are excited to join forces with other likeminded organisations to strengthen the marketplace and spearhead lasting change for future generations.

Bruno Lopez
President and Group Chief Executive Officer
ST Telemedia Global Data Centres

Marquis Energy Global firmly believes that to tackle the impending climate crisis we need to act now. We have the tools and the roadmap to achieve global net-zero emissions in less than 30 years, thereby securing a viable future for our children’s children. The CIX platform is one vital tool that will pool the financial resources for companies and organisations to pursue vetted and compliant NCS projects which will benefit the global commons.

Johan Ullman
Managing Director
Marquis Energy Global

Businesses will play a critical role in achieving global net-zero by 2050. Working with CIX ensures that Vertree can continue to support businesses to reach these goals by allowing access to high quality and verified credits. When Vertree invests in projects, we don’t just look at verified emissions reductions – we ensure the projects protect and promote biodiversity, and that local communities gain from the activity.

Ariel Perez
Managing Partner

Thank you for allowing STX the opportunity to participate in the inaugural CIX auction. It was an extremely professional and well-run event with a unique chance to purchase a selection of the best projects currently offered in the market. The whole CIX team was incredibly professional, all steps of the process were clearly communicated and explained. I look forward to participating again in future offerings.

Simon Abendanon
Renewable Commodities Trader

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